Join The Overflow Sports Team

Why Volunteer for Overflows Sports?

It's about following your heart to serve and making an impact on our youth's future. 

Overflows Sports Academy has goals of reaching our youth at their most impressionable age to create a foundation built on real Christian Values.  We want to produce a generation of authentic caring leaders that can carry on a tradition of mentoring youths to be more than social labels.

What type of volunteers do we need?

We need a variety of skills and not necessarily all sports related. 

Sports Coaches

Can you volunteer a couple days out of the month to run a short training camp? We can use your help with any and all sports with drills, technique, and leadership.

Social Media Support

Can you blog? post on Facebook or Instagram? We can sure use your help. 

volunteer group hands together showing unity

Campaign Managers

Are you good at raising money through your connection?  We can use your help in getting funding for our upcoming events. 

General Help

 Have administrative gifts? Can you herd kids? Pray or lead a prayer team? If you have the energy we have a place for you on our team.  

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