Yearly Donations

Your donations help offset the cost of equipment, event venues and the resources that keep our organization running.  Overflow Sports Academy has an ambitious mission to reach our youth and support families in need in the community.  We appreciate your generosity.

Overflow Sports Academy has the vision to impact the 4/14 window with a focus on middle school students worldwide to share with them the message of God’s love and train them to be ambassadors in their community.


4/14 window is a term that refers to the children between the ages of 4 and 14. 4/14 kids are more open to hearing the Gospel than any other age group, and accounts for 85% of our church today.



Overflow’s focus to impact middle school students through the platform of junior high ambassadors, team activities, and sports for Christ. Providing middle school students an opportunity to Grow in Christ, Connect with peers and Serve their community.




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